My Cabbages!
/Cabbage senses tingling/

Someone is talking about cabbages!

Hmm hmm hmmmm…

-hums softly to his cabbages, preoccupied with showing affection to them-

helicopter-sheep started following you

Hello! Are you here for my cabbages?


Cabbage Man Finally Off Of First Place:
Just a heads up: ((OOC))

I’m starting college again tomorrow. I have 4 studio art classes, which means 95% of my time will be me trying to devote completely to my insane amount of school/personal projects. Cabbage Man, although fun, is just one of my minor character RP roles and he may end up on the back burner (which is a huge shame, since he’s sooo much fun to play!) of my RP accounts. I’ll keep up with him as best as I can, but if there’s a sudden huge gap of inactivity, that’s why!

I’m also in the process of transferring colleges and moving, so the summer (around the end of july, since that’s when I should be moved into my new apartment) is gonna be crazy! However, I know that once I get moved in I’ll have a bunch of free time and will be back to play for sure then.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up in case activity on this account slooowwss down! Heh.

Also, I’ll try to draw more answers. I really should, since that was the purpose of this blog! (But my drawing takes time so I get flustered easily since I want to answer all my asks quickly, fff.) <333

Take care and have a great year everyone! :D

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